Ok, I know someone's got some venison recipes, so 'fess up!


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Dig it, sounds delicious! I know how good the onion soup mix /ranch mix combo is from cooking roasts with it. Haven't heard of pappy's seasoning, but I'm looking forward to trying this recipe out, thanks!
Ah, looks like pappy's is seasoning salt, basically. I do have some Lawry's on hand...


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If there's already some beef mixed in for fat pretty much anything you would do with ground beef... I like venison stroganoff, especially for folks who don't eat a ton of game meat....mushrooms and Worcestershire pair real well with game meat like venison and the sour cream actually dampens the gamey taste (I do this with ground bear too)

My recipe is virtually identical to this one, except I use more garlic and whatever broth/mushrooms I have on hand



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Oooh, yeah, stroganoff is good too, thanks!
I don't have a lot of experience with game meat. I think I've had a venison sausage stick once, but that's about it... And now we've got about 5 lbs to work with, courtesy of my girls coworker. Hopefully I'm one of those who likes the gamey taste!
I'm jealous. I used to get lots of game meat from friends but no one hunts anymore... I might have to take it up myself haha

If your new to venison I'd personally start with recipes that have strong other components before going with just a hamburger or meatloaf where the venison taste is really in your face

This Swedish meatball recipe from Steve Rinella is a homerun too, made it about a month ago



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Yeeeah buddy! We can probably use about 3 or 4lbs with the recipes so far.
I appreciate the tips too, regarding flavor contrasts/compliments. We'll probably make something tonight... Maybe stroganoff... It's been a minute since we've had that!

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Venison is quite dry meat, so yeah, adding some fat makes a difference. Ie, oil, pork or creamy sauces.

Venisons own fat is appalling, not even birds eat it. So one is well advised to cut it away..

One can make:

-a nice carpaccio from frozen tenderloin
- a nice rosee roast beef, nice as a cold starter too
-sirloin can be smoked, carpaccioed (lol) or made in tartar even. Steaks are great too.
-flanksteak, neck, osso bucco all fine in stews and carsseroles too (dark beer goes well here too)
-minced meat, one can add a bit sour cream in the mix, if too dry.
-not forgetting BBQ, pulled venison, burgers etc..

Venison goes well with gamey spices like juniper berries, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, dark sauces like red wine sauce, root veggies, also all kinds of berrry condiments, jellies and jams are great, like cranberry, rowan, gooseberry, lingonberry.. Salty pickled cucumber cubes, all pickles really..

If you get the bones, roast them in the oven and make a wonderful diy meat stock, with trim cuts, and some roasted vegs..
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