Old auto revival.


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I'm reviving a project that my buddy's unknowimgly started in the mid 90s.
They picked up a few plants in Edmonton from some dude and planted them out doors.
They probley didn't even know they were autos back then. But they did get some seed.
Well I popped some of them indoors and they are flowering under 18hrs. So they have to be autos. I did get a male and one pheno they call buzdzilla. Just a short plant basically one bud.
The male has been flowering away, have been collecting pollen, and have pollinated one girl.
The other girl I started later and she's not willing yet.

Now a question. My dude is throwing some pistols. Will this cause herm tendencies in the seed produced?


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Sounds like a fun project, excited to see some photos of this budzilla pheno! And I would agree with @JL2G. I too am no expert but if one parent likes to herm then some offspring will naturally carry that same tendency. Depending on the severity, you might be able to breed away from it, might be more trouble than its worth if progeny displays aggressive hermaphroditic traits though. Just my thoughts. ?‍♂️

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To coin a phrase from Steven Tyler..."Dude looks like a Lady!..."chuckle

In actual fact, its more than likely you have a Hermie female that has sprouted some balls.

Unfortunately..You may want to consider turfing such plants ( as they appear) the unstable genetics will be rough to deal with...



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I hear ya. The pollen donor was all male up to the very top. Just a few hairs on the top. I’m testing out door so I’m not too worried about herms.
2 girls I have moved into the greenhouse. They are a little ragged I think the one has root issues but they are making seed. And I have 4 of those seed popped and planted in the out doors.


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From my experience you will have some that will herm out of that progeny just get rid of those and keep the ones like the mom that aren’t showing any traits! And you breed away from it to get it to the back is how I relate it to. Where as u go along u start to see it less and less! Use a new male from the next generation that don’t display that trait as your next pollen donor.if that makes sense to you.
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