Orange Julius #2 - 3Thirteen Seeds - @HydroRed


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Orange Julius #2 - 3Thirteen Seeds - @HydroRed


- Appearance – Super tight bud. ROCK HARD, super clunk clunk nugs. Windows and glass table tops may not be safe.

- Bouquet – Smells exactly like the Orange Julius drink at the mall. Creamy orange.

- Dry Hit (Joint) – Silky smooth, aromatic orange peel backend.

- Smoke – Orange peel with a bit of spice. Some medium expansion, big hits will likely induce coughing. Silky smoothness stays throughout. Coats the teeth, where if you grind them they have that "slick grind" feeling.

- Effect – Strong. Clear head, floaty, but not heavy. Like trying to balance a bowling ball on a golf tee. Relaxes the body, very chill. Good after dinner evening smoke, watch a movie.

This is a pre-release sample courtesy of @HydroRed (thank you!) - for the latest updates on this strain and upcoming drops, check out this post: HydroRed's Horticultural Whorehouse


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