Roughcut's hideaway in the woods.


Well I figure I'll start this thing out where I'm currently at. I need to get these into net pots before they are stunted much more.

On the left are Sparrowhawks Tangie x LVTK

Middle are Heisens Purple Punch

And finally on the right are J.James County Line Hash Plant.

Dropped beans in water on Nov 28th. Had one of the tangie x lvtk and one pp not pop. So I dropped a couple more and now I have 6 that are all about the same height.

Had to make a new tub for them to go in so.... I guess that's why I've been dragging my feet. Oh well. I got the top cut out last night just didn't have the energy to get the plants in the pots and nutes mixed up and an air stone in the bottom. Well here they are. They aint pretty but probably won't die tomorrow. ?

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