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Hello friends

Recently we had very crazy weather and lost power for about 4 days. I have seeds in both the fridge (stuff to work presently) and in the freezer (work for the future). When the power went out I let the seeds ride in the fridge and freezer for a couple of hours because the fridge holds temperature and it was very cold outside. After awhile I transferred the seeds into a yeti cooler and filled it with ice. Once the ice melted, I added snow to keep the temps down. Power was restored and after the freezer was going again all the seeds were transferred to the freezer. I had my seeds in 1 gal ziplock bags stuffed into another ziplock bag. 4 separate bags and 1 of them water seeped in. I pulled out and wiped down each pack (as quickly as possible) and assessed the damage, 4 or 5 packs from Ace seeds had some water in them. As you can imagine I properly started wigging the fuck out. I stuffed everything back into the zip locks and put it back in the freezer. I already plan to replace the Ace packs just in case the original ones that got wet don't pop, and if they do then perfect I have a few more seeds for the hunt. But I can't stop myself from freaking out the whole situation in general. I can't stop wondering if the beans stayed frozen while in the yeti or if they thawed out a little. Has anyone had this happen before? Were your germination rates affected once you got around to popping them? Am I just being an over paranoid stoner and my seeds will be fine? My girlfriend has kept assuring me that they are fine because I was on top of keeping them cold but I can't help myself.
Currently the plan is to purchase a deep freezer for the garage and transfer my packs to a pelican case which would be placed at the bottom.
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