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The pack was purchased from Authentic Genetics by @Skunky Dunk Farms, and is being ran as a preservation run for pH!

Information can be found at the following thread:

Thanks @Skunky Dunk Farms for everything!

Skunky Dunk Farms

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Ok, this thread was kinda lost but now its found.
These 18 beans are from a run done by Todd McCormick of authentic Genetics Seed Co.
Here is a synopsis of the strain.

Regular Seeds

Seed stock came directly from Skunkman Sam to Mel Frank in 1988.

Legendary for its stability, consistency and high myrcene levels, this is the truly authentic Skunk No.1.

Mel Frank reproduced the seeds in 1996 and stored them in a refrigerator with desiccants for 24 years. I have grown the seeds from 1996 batch out multiple times and found these 1996 seeds to be more acrid than sweet, with very long and full buds. Because I liked them so much, I'm doing an open pollination IBL reproduction in order to preserve the original Skunk No.1 genetics with the more acrid and skunky terpenes.

Ive been chasing this Skunk terps since the 80's when i actually grew 2 outside from bag seed from the famous strain and have never had better.
The pheno search is on!
This will be an heirloom preservation run for seed count for us all to have an opportunity to do some searching.
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