Strangest Phenotype ever found ?


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So... I popped some tester beans from Irvine Seeds that were called "Pink". Then I was told Pink was Orange Daydream, which is Tangie x Clementine x Jack Herer.
I got three beans, one was scraggly, one was super oily -- literally even wet to the touch, and one was this. Now take whatever dad you want out of the mix (likely the Jack), and replace it with Freakshow and that's a lot what this looks like. I reached out to Irvine and the deny any freaky genes or mixups. I tried cloning it three times with no luck, I'm considering re-vegging it. This is day 38 or so... it's at day 52 now and has only fattened up slightly. Not sure how to keep this going, but there's never going to really be another like it again unfortunately. Plant absolutely wreeeeeks of tangerines. Frost on nearly every part of the plant.



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Both of these plants are Collie Man Kush, same age same seed pack. I've had a couple of these "cabbagy" phenos and they always suffer in yield but turn out WAY danker than their standard counterparts.
I've had freaky potent plants with cabbage leaves like that in a few lines. Low yield and no stretch, but they sure were dank. ?
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Guess this post went slow but happy I found it. Grew out a few strange phenos but this has been popping up a lot in this cross recently. It’s my 88Killer F1 cross. A few other growers have had trifoliate plants in there packs that I’ve given out so I decided to pop a few more to see if I can get one and I did. This is reoccurring in other grows from what I’m hearing and some are saving cuts. About to do a big pheno hunt to see if I can find more because it’s interesting.
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