Tents, how does yours rate?


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Just got a 4x4 LA Garden tent.
7 of the 8 corners are bust. The snap pins dont make it to the holes to lock in. So tent is wobbly.
Ill disassymble and hog out the holes a bit and make it work i suppose.
On a high note, contacted seller and they are sending a second tent free of charge so ill have 2 when i get this one straightened out.View attachment 46800View attachment 46801

How do they get such a large bead of weld on such a thin piece of metal?

Sad part is ive run an 2x4 LA Garden tent for years and its been the best one ive had. No QC i guess.
My guess as to how they built those welds up is they used a tig , low temp & built it up possibly a machine weld looks perfect I've been using the cool grows ( amazon) now on its second grow with no failure , that said I'm gonna spend a few bucks more & go back to hydrobuilder.com & get their covert tent my 3x3 is in its 4th year of constant use with no issues
Summit Grow Labs - 9.5/10 - 4.5x4.5, Couldn’t ask for much more. 25mm poles I could use it as a jungle gym. Thick material like Gorilla with Mars style doors with improved zipper flaps and zero light leaks. Only thing I’d improve is there are top duct ports in the roof but nowhere up high on the walls of the tent.

Gorilla Grow Tents - 9/10 - 3x3, Great, not a fan of the zipper style and has the most light leaks of the top 3 tents. Quality is a bit stronger than Mars but price hurts.

Mars Hydro Tents - 8/10 - 2x4’s, I would be weary of the larger Mars tents. No lower ports otherwise fantastic quality for the money.

Mammoth Tents - 5/10 - 2x2, You get what you pay for. Cheap, no reflection, I haven’t used this since I got it the plants didn’t like it.


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I got a CHEAPO from amazon...and let me tell you its a cheapo. Glad its in a place where i dont have to worry about a light leak or it having to be robust...thin cheap poles etc.

But...IT WORKS!!

This Chinese special is so amazing 6 1/2 feet must have been tiny Chinese feet because it is 6 foot 1 at best.


Vivosun...Solid and the best of the ones I have purchased...Come in 600D and 1280D and dont get tents under 600D

Mars Hydro Tents I agree....good quality.

The cheapo was just like a mamoth...it might say 600D but its more like 400D

Gorllla Tents look pretty nice...

When you open and close the tents push the flap in the tent and the zippers wont snag....someone told me about that...thanks whoever you were :D
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