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going to do a dry ice run - using 2 bags - 45 micron and then a 160 micron - going to use "Frenchy's" (hashMan) way of pressing - he also use's the 220 micron , don't really know why. Know a 45 micron I'm just going to get the "head's" (pure) then 160 the next (trichome bodies, ect)- then maybe the 220 ?????? any thoughts will be appreciated ! Peace


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biggest tip I can give ya on dry ice is having multple of same size because Inless it’s super small project (not very much ur extracting ) than 2-4 of the same size not only makes it when the dry ice freezes the filter. It will happen very quickly ( meaning yo8 can extract it vs regular ice when u have to wait ) vs regular ice and it also a benefit because you can proceed with shaking as much as u want without having to wait for it to get cold Or even have a prefab getting cold while your shaking one, if i have a extra “hands” to help me than we take turns putting the material in the bags, mixing the dry ice in and the opposite will do the shaking, than flip every bag so the ”shaker” doesn’t get too tired.

when I first tried dry ice vs regular I would even rip the bag sides because it woild get too cold and beaten at once, u give the bag a time break to de thaw a little than that issue def goes away.

good example of a cheaper brand but def confirmed from my own experience but many people I have seen or heard online say that’s what they also use as their chosen hash bag

another tip is make ur “ extractor table “ meaning the surface you extract your hash onto , i always advise after me fucking up first few times and seeing all the kief 2-4 feet from where I was directly shaking, get a oversized plexiglass or a mirror and shake away , try to shake onto the middle cause it def can “fly away” , also it’s good to inbetween ur shaking rounds or bags to collect the kief so if you ever do fuck up and see u have green contamination or ur bag ripped or any mess up, it’s omly that one bag’s or w/e rounds vs your whole project

next tip is don’t over fill it meaning your hash bag and try to make the dry ice like 10-25% of your mixture in the bag
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