What are you smoking on today?


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I started off with Pig Whistle...moved to some Black Grape DumDum and have the volcano loaded with everything in the jar smoke

Does anyone else tap out their grinder into a jar and mix it all up and roll that up? Currently the blend tastes like juicy fruit gum...I love that flavor because it belies the strength.

Oh its so tasty and innocent.....and then stuck watching the weather channel for 30 minutes with your mouth agape.

But my favorite smoke of all currently is my accidental pollination. Yield SUCKED on it but the flavor is crazy. The exact fruity fire i love. Purple Cake female knocked up with Welchie. It took out all the weird cake stuff and replaced it with a delicious berry sundae flavor. Ok I am rolling that next.

The variety is my favorite. i love growing almost as much as i love testing what i grew...almost...:D


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I started the day with my accidental chuck. Man if not for the larfy assed buds this would be the BOMB

Out of a sizeable plant i got under 1 oz so it is not viable. But the flavor is ridiculous. Welchie ([Grape Sato X LVTK) X Purple Cake (Purple Punch X Wedding Cake).

It tastes like a grape creamsickle. Delicious.

But i have to get some shit done so its back to that nasty ass pig whistle....the flavor is weird and gamey but man it fires up the brain to do shit.

And i miss my homeland so i went and got 2 monster lobsters to cook tonight. Me and the 14 year old are going to feast. Both are close to 4 pounders :D lol

Its only money :D

Back to baking. Have a good one!~


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This morning:

- God O War - GK Genetics - @Phylex

For more information on God O War including strain availability, current grow pics in action, and different phenotypes check out: West Coast Chronicles

- Appalachian Super Skunk (ASS) x Schwaggy's Afghan Skunk (SAS) - Schwaggy Seeds - @Schwaggy P
For more information on ASS x SAS including strain availability & grow pics check out: Schwaggy P's Random Stuff and The Upward Spyral

Now in Progress:

- Sin City Juice - 3Thirteen Seeds - @HydroRed

For more information on Sin City Juice including strain availability, grow pics, and cured bud check out: HydroRed's Horticultural Whorehouse and The Upward Spyral


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That's awesome to hear man! You get the creamy terps? Or how was that pheno?
Very GSC leaning. I can never nail that smell and taste. Like a unique high end cologne without the "perfuminess" if that makes sense? The creamy was more on the backend if I remember correctly. She liked the kick in the pants get-you-stoned-and-stuck-doing-one-thing high in the morning. Lasted a good minute too.
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