Woke up to this...


In Bloom
Single leaf, top of plant, well not THE top but it's at the top as opposed to the bottom. 4 yellow spots, perfect circles, so uniform and in line with each other it's like a conspiracy. I'm always looking at the bottoms of leaves for bugs or eggs and never see anything. I'm really hoping this is some sign of stress or something, but I don't think I'm that lucky.
Should I just kill them and start over?

Capt. C

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UPDATE: I think you all were right, hasn't shown up any where else, hasn't gotten any worse.
I have another question, but I think I'll just make a new thread.
Yea i was not sure what the heck that was ( was thinking crop circles:ROFLMAO: ) because everything else on the plant looked good so i figured it was something simple. Looks like you are on track to a good finish.
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