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Hope the title is groovy enough for anyone interested in what I'm up to.
I'm an avid gardener and pollen chucker.
Regularly pass out seeds to friends and do my own testing.
I don't really have time to be as active as I would like being that I'm out of town working for 9 months out of the year with weekly visits back home, once a month.
My loving wife has learned to tend to things when needed.
I'll be home for the next 2 months, doing my thing and building some new shit.
I'm also on Instagram @Hierosganjacreations

Dope Heffalump

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I am about 2 weeks to done on my Blissful Wizard crosses.
The Tk/NL5 Haze will probably go a couple extra weeks.
I'm about 3 weeks into flower on a pack of Dominion Skunk - Dominion Seeds
Pack of Columbian D - Pisces Genetics
2 @ Sour Chem De La Chem - Deep Space Creations
4 @ Killer A5 Haze x Blissful Wizard - Hieros Ganja Creations

After these are done I'm going to be growing out clones only as I'm seeded out for a while.

I did just get some testers from Eso Seeds (not sure if he's a member here) and just got a ton of seeds from Wave Genetics in a trade for a rare pack of Special Sauce from Pisces Genetics, that I hope to mix into my clone runs.

Dope Heffalump

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Some of my keepers:

Banana Mac - Capulator
(Banana Og x Mac)



Very racy potent smoke and yields very well.

Big Bad Wolf - CSI Humboldt
(Chemd x Chem91)
20200206_201210.jpg 20200104_195817.jpg

Extreme potency!
Smells like the D, but seems to stack more like the 91.

Black D- CSI Humboldt
(Chemd x Mendocino Purple)

Definitely a Mendo Purple leaner.
Is potent - would kick the shit out of Purple Punch
and smells good enough to eat - if you like candy.

Big Ole Girl - Hieros Ganja Creations
Wicked Clementine Bx x (Golden Glue x Dogtrap)

Very nice sweet flavor and very potent chill smoke.


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Dope Heffalump

In Bloom
Here's a pic of the Big Bad Wolf @ week 3 of flower in a 5 gallon bucket of 70% coco and 30% big chunk perlite.
I had extra mothers and I thru them into the isle between 4 @ 1k De lights
I've been hand watering these every 2 days @ about 50% runoff, theyre not connected to my automated drip line.
I adjust ph to 5.8. It then drifts up to 6.0 by hour 12 and in 24 hours starts going back down to 5.8 and then within 48 hours it drops to 5.6
In case your wondering, I have a constant read Ph/Ec meter in my reservoir.
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