Mohican's End of the World (2020) Season


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We reached 300 Members on our 6 month anniversary. Coincidence? Perhaps. Synchronicity, vibe, and flow? Most definitely. Let's keep growing and flowing. Time for some incentives (and a long awaited Site Enhancement TBA shortly).




Starts Today, and ends 10/1/10

- If you bring 1 new member on board, you get 300 rep pts and some pH stickers. You also get an entry into a raffle for an AC Infinity Cloudline T6 Series Fan!

Amazon product

- If you bring a second new member on board, get another 300 rep pts, and add on a pH rolling tray
- If you bring a third new member on board, get another 300 rep pts, and add on some packs of seeds (TBD).
- If you bring TEN new members on board in total in the time frame allotted, a special prize will be activated (TBD) and rep pts awarded accordingly.

No sock accounts, and new members need to introduce themselves, and mention who invited them. They also need to log back in somewhat regularly, to discourage shills and drones.

A sincere thank you to our wonderful community for all of your participation. Let's continue growing together. :phenohunt:

Hello pHenohunters!

@Mim Towls told me to check this place out.

I am currently working on some TGA Agent Orange and three Shoreline Mexican strains.

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Welcome aboard Mo! Is that pool your water reservoir? :fastparrot:
Mo, glad you made it. Make an intro thread so @Mim Towls can get some schwag!
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