Random question on feminized breeding.

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Not really selfing, no, but not really not, either. I personally feel like there's some wiggle room there for breeders to make that decision, in terms of how they choose to market their product. Depending how consistent the strain is generally, feminized F2s could be very consistent. If a strain has been worked for specific traits over several generations and has very consistent expressions to begin with, the variation in the femmed F2s would be minimal. It really depends on what the background of the cultivar is, as to how much variation there will be. If you took a jungle-ass wild sativa and did a chuck with some OG Kush you're going to see some real variation. If you have a strain like...Jean Guy from House of the Great Gardener, or Paradise's Delahaze, for example, lines that got worked to bring out specific characteristics over several generations and then were released as feminized seeds, they will have a lot less variation between individuals and therefore selfing and sibling fem F2s will have a similar lack of variation.
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