Tips for germinating hard to Germ seeds?


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Anyone got any tips for germinating seeds that don't seem to wanna fuckn sprout out?

@AlienAthena Offered a good tip in chat which is to gently squeeze the seed till the outer shell cracks allowing moister in.

I was gifted some cool beans Cannarado genetics and some other stuff but im having a hard time getting them to pop atm.

I Should admit i didn't NOT soak them in water, i put them str8 to paper towel thats soaking wet so really the same fuckin thing so lets not argue about that the paper towel is soaking wet prolly too wet but thats not the problem the shells are harder then a fuckng rock to crack trust i tried squeezing them, got 1 to crack open the 2nd i don't wanna push too hard.

So any other tips tricks suggestions past what i mentioned above?

First one to say try soaking them wins a medal for not reading the above paragraph first :D


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Where do I put the quarter ?:headwall:

I am all ears though.

For myself ( and this is unusual)- cleanliness.
I knew a dude sweated out 3 weeks with a stubborn seed.
I found my seeds would go foul , on a longer haul. I have sniffed foul seeds in three days. Seen it kill sprouted seed, I dare say.

I was the guy who popped frozen beans in aquarium water. But when I am shitting bricks, waiting on a tail, I wanna know that I did everything I could.

Seriously, I am checking coffee filter temps every hour here.


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Just soak them. :ROFLMAO:

Something that has worked for me and a lot of others is to scuff the seed hull before soaking/paper towel/planting. Just take a basic emory board and run the seam of the seed along it on all sides, being careful not to grind away too much stuff.

Personally, I'm not a paper towel guy, usually not a soaker either. I just plant my seeds right into a 2 oz solo cup of coco. Scuffing has helped on some harder to pop seeds.

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@AlienAthena Offered a good tip in chat which is to gently squeeze the seed till the outer shell cracks allowing moister in.
Manually Cracking Seeds
The first way is to use your fingers to slowly clamp down on the seed until you hear a pop. The seam of the seed should run along the length of your fingers. Your finger pads will allow for some cushion while clamping down. Once you hear the pop, proceed with your usual germ procedure. If the seed is being stubborn, try the next way to crack it.
The other way is to use pliers. If you worry about crushing the seed, you can wedge some cotton or other soft substance to limit a full closure of the pliers. Slowly clamping down will give you the same "pop" noise. Just go slowly and you'll hear the crack without crushing the seed.
plier crack.jpg
Once cracked, just treat them as you would with your usual germination procedure.
Rapid rooters and a warmth. I've never soaked a seed in my life haha.
Rapid rooters work very well, too. I used to soak and poke my seeds down but now I just float them until I get about a 1/4" taproot, and then I put them in rapid rooters. I only soak them so I know they crack though. Otherwise it seems like eternity waiting for them to sprout when I don't know they cracked .


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Old seeds seem to really respond to being germinated in a healthy Worm bin....I just came across a 1lb bag of seeds labeled 1969- 70 and it looks like a worm bin is where I might start! Here is about the best thread on this subject you'll find....


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There's a great video on YouTube regarding getting stubborn seeds to sprout. I'll see if I can find it, and will link it here.

Scuff the seeds with a rolled tube of sandpaper or like the box that Capt. posted.
Crack the seed with a seed cracker, there's a dude on instagram that makes a special device for this (it's $35, so I haven't bought one).
Wash with H202 solution for a minute.
Soak overnight in a GA3 solution -- this is a potent PGR, so be mindful of how you treat it. Available on Amazon for relatively cheap.
Put in paper towel/coffee filter in a warm, dark place.

That's the gist of the video. It's kind of the Hail Mary process of seed starts, but if you have genetics you don't want to lose, it's supposed to work quite well.
I've heard that you can take some actual beans which are loaded with growth enzymes and soak them in a cup of water for a day or two. Then take that enzyme rich water and use it to soak your older seeds.
I have tried this on one old seed I had and it actually cracked the seed when others did not but it didn't have the power to keep going, so I maybe didn't make a strong enough bean tea or I should have cracked the shell and tried the tea.
I may try this again soon but wanted to research more as I'm running low on that old seed.

I have cracked a seed wide open and gently removed the embryo with tweezers and tried to soak in water and there was movement but I didn't know the bean tea trick so maybe a combo of each of these would give the little girls/guys a chance.
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