TOP 10 favorite strains - for you?


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Okay cannabis nerds and pheno whores. What’s your top girls or strains received or tried through your life or grow? The numbers or whatever from start to end of list does not mean , example 1. = does not mean number #1 favorite

Hollywood Pure Kush
Helen Back
Holy Grail
Wedding Cake



3Thirteen Seeds
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Confidential Cheese
Kosher Kush (pre 2015 RP gear)
Mothers Milk
Blackberry Banana Kush X Long Bottom Leaf
White Widow
Midnight Mass
Peanut Butter Breath

Cool thread @Burned Haze
It was tough just to even narrow it down to only 10. So many more I coulda put that deserve a spot but this is what I was feeling right this minute haha


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speaking of Blue dream , BD is a great pheno selection (great yeilds, great resistant to both mold and bugs and smell is great ) , just like many and when they become over used or over supplied. Than no one wants it even if it’s good or cup winners? Come on that’s like saying Coca Cola or bud wiser is being beaten/losing just because they sold so much? people always get into that hype of whatever is the most hyped or expensive or highest thc lol

look at what happened to GG#4 , killer queen, texada timewarp, chemdawg or GSC or gelato ( names go forever and down the drain for demand ) . Granted all good stuff but too many people ran em and made the batch sour. Which I disagree on when I’m purchasing or growing on my selection choices,give me a 5% thc and unique terps or effect vs “high thc” but no taste or terps or just bag appeal ( I don’t put my buds all day in a mantle ) ? I’m all down to smoke all day orbe able to smoke more but enjoy it as much as I want ;) hints why I don’t care about extracts besides Kief and hash. love that good tasting smoking eh
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I can get down with this idea. Really interesting seeing which strains make multiple appearances!

Ghost Train Haze
Ghost OG
Durban Poison
Sour Diesel
White Shark
Jack Herer
Celtic Stone

Some new ones are making a run for the list though. Kokusho #2 is really damn good.


In Bloom
Ok, I had to play. I'm going to go over ten because many of these are gone forever, and don't ask me to pick my favorite kid, dammit. In a loose chronological order starting in the mid 70s, these are the most memorable for me in a good way. There are a few other memorable ones, but in a not good way, so fuck that noise.

Columbian Gold
Maui Wowie - it was sold as that, but who the fuck knows?
RKS - don't remember what it was called back then, but by all current descriptions...
Kali Mist
OG Kush
Amnesia Haze
Darkstar (TH Seeds)
Somali Taxi Ride (Rare Dankness)
NL#2 F3 (Deep Elum)
Mazar x PCK (Swami Organic Seed)
Gelato 45 x Chocolate Diesel (Useful)

Honorable Mentions:
Panama Red
Durban Poison
Super Lemon Haze
Golden Goat
Sweet Tooth
Strawberry Diesel Cookies
Kush Mints

Don't want to vague post, so fuck that noise:
Early 80s Jamaican
Cannalope Haze - should have know better after the Chocolope
Blue Dream
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