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Hard as hell trying to scratch the top of your head when all that horn is throwing up the cock block.
Its hard to see in this last video but if you look close there is a broken branch right between his antlers and it looks like he is doing just that.
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He had just chased a spike out of the herim, sayin look son you been hangin on too long...get out.

Foliar feed day today veg, early flower and outdoor. Another reason I went with zemvelo/mineralife is each mineral is formulated with a fulvic acid compound.

Today was 1/2 gallon
2.5 ml Yucca
2.5 ml Si
25 ml WCaP
1.25 ml each (Copper Sulfate, manganese chloride, zinc lactate, iron glycinate)
The soilscape / Albion Metalosate products use amino acids for compounding/chelating and would be preferred in most cases over chlorides and sulfates imo. The soilscape kit was supposed to be availble by now, wonder what the delay is?


Day 69 for the Neville's Haze and crosses, day 133 for NH4 - mix of cloudy and clear and just hinting of amber on the Honey Sundae.
HS x NH no.1
Honey Sundae x Neville's Haze no. 2
Chop in a week or so.

GorillaBlues x Neville's Haze
Upon further review of this pic her chop status was revised from 3-4 weeks to sooner rather than later.

Miel de Regaliz x Neville's Haze
Chop in 2-3 weeks.


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That Honey Sundae hybrid looks like the best candidate to tame your haze. Looking forward to hearing about how all of these smoke. How many days do you think the pure Neville’s will go?
Timing will vary some on the f2s, just like the parents. It seems like there is more bud development, but honestly I think that has more to do with me getting better at growing it. They still arent pretty plants but there is an ajustment to the mindset I had to make for the longer flowering, slower maturing cultivar.
The one circled in red will probably go past 20, while the one in yellow will probably be more like 16 -

Totally agree on the Honey Sundae and it needed the most spreading out, both with node spacing and nug density. I am gambling the smoke will be good as I just popped a few more.

I am seeing the nug smashers and rosin heads seem to prefer a little less dense nugs and I personally do as well. IMO the laws of diminishing returns really applies once buds get much more than an inch or two in dia. The inside of the buds get all choloric and fails to accumulate resin. The Neville's is a little too loose for me. Its good for hash joints and I am curious to see how it is at producing hash, even though it isn't super frosty. It really spread out the GorillaBlues went all foxy, too bad its not stable. The MdR visually didn't change a lot, other than perhaps some increased node spacing.


Well one for one isn’t a great start, but it’s as small of a sample size as you can get. It’s hard to rule the chuck out on that basis, but there are so many cultivars out there that it’d be hard to blame you if you didn’t go back to the well.
The well is deep, I barely scratched the surface of the to-do list with this most recent seed pop. Don't think I have had this many starts - ever.

Beautiful morning in the valley today, yesterday's brief thunderstorm seems to have cleared out the smoke from the last few days.
Got a few more to put up and will probably build some shelving / benches then paint and floor covering before exterior panels.


It is possible I have killed a ton of starts. Only 3 have broken soil one was mushy and didn't shed the husk another is one that had shed the husk while soaking and is severely stunted and one fairly normal looking one.

They got dry and it was hot, I may not have resaturated adequately or they got too dry. I didn't follow any of my lunar guidelines, waxing gibbous, nearing apogee, 3-4 days before crossing the southern node for the soak all 3 or just 1, I had 0.

Love this hobby.


Overnight low 40.5F could come close to 80 today though. My 3 months of heat surplus are gone.
Foliar feed, it was 43F, a comfy 69 in the room. I think outdoor will get one more feed and one more grandevo before a final dr. Bronner's

Gotta make a supply run for the greenhouse and should be painting in a couple days.


Let's go swimmin.
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Dropped 2 vials of cider kush twins and triplets, 10-12 TTLT, the 4 Candy Paint and 5 of everything else. Assey McGee and Crooner Cookies were audibles thanks to @Dino Party 's shenanagains -
Thread 'Growing Pot for Tater Tot' Growing Pot for Tater Tot
Gonna give them another 6 days max, anythung that pops will be a survivor.

Cuts need taken from gw x cnc and TTLT, transplanted a TTLT to a 1.8 gal a couple days ago (sunday iirc) will go to flower this sunday.

NH crosses coming down tomorrow and the NH4 is coming down the next day or two.

The rest of the NH f2s will be chopped when seeds are ready regardless of buds in about 4 more weeks. One looks kinda like grimspoon.


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