2021 Summer, Outside, Backyard, Under the Stars...

Jim Dandy

In Bloom
Popping some
Tranquil Elephantizer rmx v2 (Bodhi Seeds, 6 pack)
Black Maui (SnowHigh Seeds)
Afghani Street Sweeper (SnowHigh Seeds, 5 pack)
Ask Alice (Dandy Seeds)
Pua #2 x Pandora's Box (Dandy Seeds)
In moist paper towels, no soak.
60 to 80 degrees F. Mostly around 70F.
I like to swing the temp. up and down, I think this helps germination.
Only 1/2 the Black Maui have germinated so far, the ones that have germinated are vigorous.


Tranquil Elephantizer after 3 days in moist paper towels

Afghani Street Sweeper after 3 days in moist paper towels (all popped except one in upper right corner)

Ask Alice after 2 days in moist paper towels ('Pua #2 x Pandora's Box' was much the same)

Temporary table in sun, plywood on 55 gallon drums (by door, easy to bring inside if weather gets to nasty) temp_table_0774.jpg

Jim Dandy

In Bloom
The Real Seed Co. and JBC came through like champs. I highly recommend both these companies!
I'm drooling over the Tashkurgan. I also like the new Bodhi packaging, even though the seeds are hidden from view and it is nice to be able to actually see the seeds through the package. The Strawberry Unicorn came in the new purple package behind it in the image.

They are so cute when small!
Ask Alice

Tranquil Elephantizer rmx v2

(Pua #2 x Pandora's Box) Nick-named 'Moana' which means "ocean" in Polynesian

The Afghani Street Sweeper form SnowHigh is pulling out of the planting mix

Jim Dandy

In Bloom
Starting seeds...
Seeds need: Air, Moisture and Warmth (65F. to 75F.)
Seeds have not been soaked.
Fold seeds in moist, but not soaking wet, paper towels.
The plastic bag is open on the top for air.
The paper towels are held vertical, so the roots go down between the towels and don't get stuck going through the paper towels sideways.

A good medium for starting seeds:

4" x 6" container filled 1/4 to 1/3 way up.
Add a pinch of mycorrhizal fungi (Great White used here).
Fill container to very top with fluffy planting mix, leave fluffy.

Rey (Skywalker OG x Pandora's Box)
The seeds on the left and upper right are ready to be planted, I would probably plant the one in the middle also...

A pencil used to make a conical hole in the fluffy planting mix.
The seed will stick to the side of the hole. Make sure the seed stays close to top of planting mix.
In the image the planting mix has been gently pushed sideways against the root of the seed.
Cover the seed with about 1/4 of an inch of planting mix.
Moisten with room temperature distilled or spring water. The planting mix will pack down a bit at this point.

"I like fluffy" -Stitch (Experiment 626)

Jim Dandy

In Bloom
Four benefits to keeping seedlings outside, in early Spring:
1) The bad bugs, like aphids and fungus gnats, are not out yet
2) The seedlings love sunlight
3) The seedlings are already hardened off and ready to plant out at any time
4) Due to the cool temperatures, the seedlings can show their fall colors

Image a little fuzzy, but colors evident, even the stem is purple:

This Tashkurgan should be purple also

Another purple Tashkurgan

Only two of the twelve Tashkurgan are not showing as much color
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