Any Experience With Neville's Haze?


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Just wondering if anyone can give me an idea of how long for her to enter flower after the light switch. I'm used to indicas and shorter running sativas like Cindy so these 15 week types are a new experience.
I have a Cindy and a Neville's right now, side by side. Cindy has been under less than 12 hours of light for 20 days and is fully into flower. The Haze is doing nicely, growing and thriving with a lighter feed schedule, but after 19 days is barely showing preflowers. I only vegged about 3-1/2 weeks from seed to avoid ending with a monster, FYI.

Any experiences to share? Any advice?
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As mentioned on my journal, had fasciation on two of the main colas of the Neville's. The few times I've seen this before, nothing good resulted so I just chopped both branches off as short as I could. The rest is still looking fine. She's on day 31 since the light change and entering flower now.
The Cindy that was flipped beside her has < 3 weeks to go while the NH may have 3 months. Cannabis is such an amazingly diverse plant.

Still love to hear from others who have experience with Neville's or with any other long-flowering sativas, if you'd like. It seems like most people are all about hybrids these days, so good information can be tough to find.


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Neville's Haze can take 16-20 weeks to finish. It does take awhile like you noticed for it to begin flowering. I'm not sure about your light cycle, but a lot of pure sativa's are started under 12/12. Growing them under 11/13 throughout most of flower, then adjusting to 10/14 for the last 4-6 weeks seems to help them finish.

I'm sure you can find some good info on the NH here if you wanted to peruse a bit.
Neville's Haze


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12 weeks is my record. Not Neville specifically,,,
Gotta keep a close eye on water uptake, as they can go hot and cold, on drinking requirements.
Also, you may encounter multiple harvest windows. Long runners, like Zamal ( in theirs natural habitat) can flower perpetually.
I have accidentally reinvigorated an elderly plant by giving it a healthy feed- she popped white hair all over again at 10 weeks. I had to get really stingy, and drive it into the grave.

Looking forward to the show.
Toss her outside Jan 1st. Ring in the New year proper.
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Just snapped a couple pics of the NH. Day 32f


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A few progress pics in the journal. Day 51 and still a very long way to go.
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Haze has never been a favorite of mine it always made me a bit to jumpy even back in the day. I think I still have some older NH seeds somewhere I got before Shantibaba took it over.
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