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Welcome growmies! I was hoping to start my journal off with my 4x4 and normal photoperiod strains but I will start that as soon as I figure out my rental inspection situation. For now I am going to start off with a fun little grow that I haven't tried yet but have seen others be successful with. I started two Grapey Walter (Grape Crinkle x Walter White) seeds from Mephisto Genetics in 2 oz Solo shot cups with Fox Farms Happy Frog. I also just sowed 4 different Mephisto seeds tonight and will updating as they sprout.

Here are the two growing in 2 oz shot cups.

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Awesome you've got a journal here now mang.
So what's the fun little grow your after? Not trying to grow in those for keeps are you? Lol.

Thanks friend! There's this cat on IG that I follow and he does auto grows in small containers for fun. I have grown GW a few times and these two were the last of the seeds that were a result of self pollination. I figured I would take a shot at a shot cup auto start to finish. ?‍♂️ I also just put 4 other autos from Meph in 1 gal pots that I'll be posting, as well as the two autos I have flowering at the moment. I also just got two Chem"dawg" S1s in dirt for my first attempt at an outdoor grow (not in the ground, still in pots). Friend of mine said he bought a really dank bag of Chem"dawg" in '08 and found a seed. He grew the seed and it self pollinated creating (unstable I'm sure) S1's. He doesn't know which of the chem cuts it was hence the parenthesis around the dawg. #ITSDOGNOTDAWG
I kid, I know some breeders use the "dawg" as a sign of respect to the real Chem cuts.


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Alright! I will be posting my results growing strains from Skunky Budds. I experienced a moment of weakness when I bought 4 of his rather affordable strains. I chitchatted with him and what I can tell is that he is from Texas but moved to Oklahoma to follow the medical scene. It seems that he has been providing genetics for small farms and medical patients. He is currently on instagram but just posted recently that he is taking a break from social media, so I am not sure if he will respond to messages. Anyway, I picked up Supreme Dream Chisel, Twisted Purple Berries, Strawberry Alchemy, and Strawberry KO. I will be starting with SDC and SKO then popping TPB and SA.

Supreme Dream Chisel: Blue Dream (Santa Cruz cut) [mother] x Jilly Chisel (Jilly Bean x NYC Diesel x Big Buddha Cheese) [father]
Strawberry Knockout: Strawberry Cough auto [mother] x Strawberry Diesel [father]
Here are the SDC and SKO sowed right before placing into the veg tent.
Seed Mix
1 part Jiffy Seed Starter mix
1 part Fox Farms Happy Frog
1 tsp Dolomite Lime
1 handful of Vermiculite


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5/6 on the Strawberry Alchemy (Deepline Alchemy 5 mom x Strawberry Diesel father) and 0/5 on the Twisted Purple Berries (Twisted Velvet mom x Strawberry Diesel father). Going to give them a little more time before I pull them. I may crack the seeds and try a paper towel germ.

Decided to move the SKO and SDC to flower and just cull males as they show. Everyone was transplanted to a 1 gal fabric pot with Ocean Forest.
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