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There are "strains" that people like to purchase and cultivate. The fan favorites, elite cuts, fads, heirlooms, etc, etc, etc. Sometimes they come with freebies and some of these freebies make it to the big stage. That's where you find the gems, duds and everything in between. What are some of the hits that crossed your path? For this garden it was a freebie called Belladonna from a while back. There are a few but that is one that came to thought.

Dino Party

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J1HP from Bodhi was an absolute gem of a freebie.

Denver Delight from DVG has about a week left and is looking like she was worth the run.

Useful sent out some Dank Sinatra F2 that was fantastic, but that was a Nube f2 from Bodhi's work.

Oh, nl2hp, from bodhi as well, is probably the strongest stuff I have ever smoked. pure bedtime weed, I love it. love love love it.

yeah, not suprisingly, good breeders put out good freebies.
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