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Haven't seen much about this line, and I'm sitting on 50lbs between Part A and Part B, so figured I'd spin this thread up. There are some cats on the farm running it, and a lot of those same guys same PK boosters aren't needed. Figured it'd be good to have a place to document a first time run (at least for me) here. I'll post specs in a bit, but wanted to get this running while I'm thinking about it.


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I'll pull up a chair. I'm interested in seeing how it compares or differs from Jacks, MC or other dry nutes.

pH and EC meters come in tomorrow, outdoor plants and the seedlings will be getting their first hit tomorrow. The guy at the hydro shop turned me onto it. Comparable price to Jack's. Thanks for the reply, you reminded me I need to posted the ratios. Will do in a moment.


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Part A:

Total Nitrogen ..... 14.0%
0.5% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
13.5% Nitrate Nitrogen
Soluble Potash .... 8.0%
Calcium .... 14.0%
Boron ... 0.05%
Copper ... 0.05%
0.05% Chelated Copper
Iron ... 0.35%
0.35% Chelated Iron
Manganese ... 0.10%
0.10% Chelated Manganese
Molydenum ... 0.003%
Zinc ... 0.05%
0.05% Chelated Zinc

Derived from calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate, boric acid, copper EDTA, iron EDTA, iron DTPA, manganese EDTA, sodium molybdate, zinc EDTA

Part B:

Total Nitrogen ..... 3.0%
0.5% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
2.5% Nitrate Nitrogen
Available Phosphate .... 13.0%
Soluble Potash .... 17.0%
Magnesium .... 5.0%
Sulfur .... 7.0%

Derived from monoammonium phosphate, potassium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate, potassium sulfate, magnesium sulfate

Given these nutrients are designed specifically for coco or rockwool, the feeding chart seems a bit off. I'll be reaching out to the company to get more detailed information regarding feeding EC for recirculating systems. There's a Part C as well, but I'll pick that up later, depending how things go with the first two. Part C is the bloom supplement which just looks like a PK booster, so I may just use something else.


That's a copy from the post I made on the farm about this blend when I picked it up. I'm hesitant to pick up the part C as I've seen a lot of noise against PK boosters lately, and I'm not really interested in spending another $160 on a 25lb bag of something I'll end up having half of when the first two parts run out.


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Mixed up the first gallon today. Initial observations are good (so far). All weights are gram x gallon ratios.

Their feeding schedule calls for 3.7g part a (1.4430 EC), 3.5g part b (0.770 EC) for a target EC of 2.200. Given this being a new-to-me nutrient line and going based off the hydro shop salesman's recommendation, I went with a little under half their recommendations.

In one gallon tap water (~0.25 EC/130 PPM, 7.3 pH), I added 1.7g part A, and 1.25g part b.

Part A took a little bit of convincing to dissolve all the way, but nothing too severe. Part B dissolved before I even shook the gallon jug.

I read somewhere there are supposed to be dyes in each part to show a proper solution -- i noticed a slight tint of blue but nothing significant.

Total EC came out to ~0.9 EC (470 PPM).

pH stabilized at 6.71 pH, though I feel it was probably a little lower due to the temperature I measured at. All their sales material says it's supposed to be pH stable, so we'll see.

This was the first feeding on a round of young plants, so I went light. Next week I'll kick it up to probably 1.9g part A and 1.7 part B depending on how they react this week. Keep in mind, I'm in sunshine mix #4 currently, and will be running this same line in a hydro system once I get that build finished. YMMV.


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Second batch mixed and applied. Definitely going to have to get some pH down, as it barely buffers the pH down. I'm sure if my tap water was closer to neutral, it'd be on point.

Applied 1.9g/gal part A, 1.7g/gal part B. Final numbers were 1.5 EC (755 PPM, including tap), 6.67 pH. We'll see how the plants take it, hoping to kick em in the ass a little. These rates are still below half what the feeding chart recommends.


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So, I spoke with a dude (Leland) from Front Row AG, and this is what he recommended for alternative mediums:

- Peat-based: Follow the coco-coir feeding schedule, but decrease grams/gallon by 20%. This will prevent cal-mag build up, and also prevent burn as fertigation is more on-par with soil instead of coco. Drop the pH to around 6.3 if the buffer in the blend doesn't push it low enough.

- Full hydro: Follow the rockwool schedule, but decrease 20-25%, depending on how the plants are reacting. Keep the pH down around 5.5 - 5.8. Standard treatment otherwise.

Things are picking up, and I'm getting ready to flip in the next couple weeks so I'll start dropping progress pics soon.


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I totally dropped the ball on keeping this updated. So, this run has been successful (so long I don't fuck up the last couple weeks). Figuring out the feeding levels was touch and go, just because this line is catered to coco and rockwool; I'll be going back to coco once this round wraps up because fuck promix.

On the other hand, I'll be running a side by side with some dutch buckets with a recirculating rez.

Anyways, here's some highlights from this run, starting sometime around flip:

IMG_20200724_115412.jpg IMG_20200731_150632.jpg
IMG_20200817_094012.jpg IMG_20200827_165655.jpg

I'll probably add a P-K supplement a couple weeks before flip next round, and run it through the first week of flower, but just part A and part B seem to provide everything the girls need. The results speak for themselves, I'd consider this line to be a solid contender in the saturated nutrient race.
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