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I made bubble hash with my last grow and really enjoyed it - full melt and amazing.
The 25u & 95u disappeared in a banger, the 160 left some char.

I noticed that I could have had a much higher yield using dry ice, but at the cost of some purity.

My question is:
Could I take the end product of a 160u dry ice run, and run that thru ice water / lower unit bags for further separation?


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I've made some hash but what your talking about, I'm not sure. This is just how it works in my head...

The initial separation from the dry plant is thru agitation & at that point its loose heads running about all willy nilly.

As soon as those heads start to dry or heat up tho, they are sticking to each other like glue, which will make them larger & harder to work thru a fine screen again...
Similar to dry beach sand & wet beach sand I guess. Dry & wet clay might be another comparison if your not familiar with beach sand.

I think you might have better luck pressing it with one of them dango rosin presses & screen bag/filter to your preference.

I could be wrong but I tried ?‍♂️


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Makes sense. I hadn't factored in clumping when it gets moistened.

I was looking at my sugar leaves while bonged out last night & had hash on my mind. lol
Debating on ice water or dry ice --- yield vs. quality conundrum.
Considering that my yield looks to be a bit lower than last run - probably dry ice.


I ended up rolling it out with a rolling pin between parchment to try and force some moisture out and make it thinner to attempt an air dry. PXL_20210107_160149895.jpg had to use the extra slick press club sheets, normal parchment would be sketchy with this one. All can say is OMG this is gonna be crazy stuff.


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A suggestion for anyone doing dry ice, if you get to “feisty” or try to just repeative shake the same bag (sadly The bag filter freezes quickly ) , it will get damaged ( the ice extraction bag) much more quicker vs if you have multple bags of same screen size ( my main size i Use for best yeilds and best potency I have 3+of same size)

the issue with dry ice it will freeze the bag screen, ethier wait it out or unfreeze it or if you have multple. It can be achieved much easier and no issues. I basically have a big 4x4 piece of plexiglass and I shake the bags onto it. Trust me if your doing dry ice and you don’t have a big coverage spot to shake onto = it’s on the floor and unusable spots. Than last step is just mpve All the Kiev into the middle or piles with a plastic card ( like old credit card or something similar ) . Last step just put it into a jar or w/e container u want.

i like dry ice vs wet ice cause not only is it soo much more quicker to make it cold enough but the issue with regular ice turning into water and then after the harvest of it. You have wet hash vs usable right after Harvesting.

tried both from 5 gal to 50gal bags and no way I’m ever going back to regular ice. Hell I would do dry hash extraction with rubbing the sugar trim-small nugs or w/e u desire ona screen. I get so much dry has now since I bought a trim bin


Dry ice extraction is favorable, however, in my case i am unable to shake the bags due to neck and back issues. My setup is 90% mechanized and gravity assisted to limit the heavy lifting. I load my machine and away we go. I pretty much monitor collect and dry. After that it is a style decision based on the resin characteristic as to whether i make temple balls or hash rosin out of it. I have considered a pollinator style kief tumbler.


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I found 43g of sugar trim / larf while cleaning my freezer a couple weeks ago.

Did a dry ice run using 45 / 73 / 160 & a 220 bag.
Yield was 7g of smoke, 5g for edibles - 12g total.

The 45u rolled nicely and partially melted --- 3grams IIRC
-Nice smoke!
The 73u rolled very nicely and partially melted --- 4 grams - SURPRISE - it was easily the most narcotic of the two.
-I placed a thin wafer on top of a bowl of ash & took a nice solid hit - a wave of warmth ran right down my spine. 3 more hits to finish the bowl and a STONE set in.

The 160 & the 220 came out to about 5 grams - I shook too much but it still made good butter.
220 was WAY too coarse and a lot of plant matter contaminated the kief - hence the sloppy butter...

@GthaEnigma - what characteristics determine the style? I've noticed that some of my dry ice runs roll / press very nicely, some don't, despite being from the same unit bags (73u seems to be where the "line" is) so I'm really interested.
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