Heavy sativa favorites


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My dad lived in Colombia for a minute in the 70s... he never stops talking about all those Central and South American landraces haha

I've got Bohdis Aluna going right now... Colombian Red x 88G13HP ... Ill keep you posted on the results


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Kona Gold.........I was fortunate enough to get one lb of in 1978. It was expensive........like $400, lol.

Thai stick?? When it first showed up for me it was very good but somewhat expensive when you realized the weight is short. So it's good but goes fast. Then the bullshit Thai stick started showing up. Then nobody wanted it. It was ok to be short as long as it was good, not vice versa. ;)
No it was my honeymoon
Ahh I gotcha. Like. A shotgun wedding? Did she have a baby bump? Yup me too. Mine was a lil cheaper than Vegas, courthouse ..... Ya we're not the big hubbub wedding type people , and the baby on thw way.
It was interesting. I was redoing a bathroom, foyer, stairs , and her BR while 7-8 mo pregnant. Ya no, probably never again. Its tough to live in a "flipper"
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