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Kalamata Red



Genetics: Greek Heirloom, ‘Kalamata Red’
Sourcing: Delicorganic, near Messinia, Kalamata, Greece (2004)
Purpose: Hashish or bud
Latitude: 37° N
Harvest: October to early November
Height: 4 – 6 meters
Characteristics: Hashy, herbal, and citrus aromas; euphoric and stimulating effect; red coloration
Classification: [Unknown]
Grow Type: Outdoor, greenhouse, or indoor

A classic Greek heirloom collected from a farming family in Kalamata region 15 years ago. This line had been cultivated in their village for more than 30 years, though cultivation there has ceased due to enforcement pressure, and the village is now abandoned.

‘Kalamata Red’ was a famous underground brand during the ’70s and ’80s. Red coloration is a trait of some plants in this line, particularly due to cold conditions. Other phenotypes are light green. Euphoric, creative, and ‘psychedelic’ effects are what this strain is renowned for.

There are various theories as to the origin of these domesticates, none of which can yet be verified. Interestingly, on the Phylos Galaxy chart, no immediate ancestor for Kalamata Red can yet be determined. Likely origins include the wider Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean region.

These seeds were produced from several selected mothers and a choice “alpha male” from the 2019 generation.

Plants have relatively low requirements for feeding. Resistance to pests, mold, and heat is excellent.
Due to their rarity and the risks involved in sourcing and maintaining these plants in Greece, the price tag is high.
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