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Yo yo!

Might as well start a grow journal to proudly display my failures. :LOL:

I'll start off with the basics:

Soil-less mix of Canna coco, EWC, Perlite, Gaia Green 4-4-4, dolomite lime, humic and fulvic acids, micronized sulfur, and composted manure. Before flower that gets epsom salts, guano, fish bone meal, and more lime to prevent lockout and make sure they've got calcium. I primarily vape flower, so the AVB that's too dark to use for edibles just goes back in the soil mix.

IPM: The neem and Safer's foliars mentioned below and PFR-97. Keeping plants in VPD also plays a big role in preventing botrytis and PM.

3 Foliar Sprays:

-Safer's Insecticidal Soap (50mL/L)with 100mL vegetable glycerin added for consistency
-Emulsified neem, lacto-fermented garlic, habanero seed, peppercorns, glycerin, clove oil, and water
-Epsom salts and micronized sulfur with 50ml/L glycerin

I've found that glycerin helps the foliar sprays stick to the leaves more, so I have to spray less for effective coverage. Would recommed.

That being said, one of the biggest things that I do differently is a three stage rinse to every plant that gets chopped. Even without spraying in flower, I don't see buds as being significantly different than fan blades in terms of collecting dust.

The first is water with baking soda and white vinegar at roughly room temp, the second rinse is warm water (110 degrees F or so), the third rinse is ice water. Just a second or two in each. The first gets off physical contaminants because of the CO2 bubbles created by the reaction (similar to an H2O2 rinse), the second weakens the cell walls of the leaves and increases chlorophyll degradation, and the third makes sure that they don't degrade too far. Same basic concept as blanching vegetables. It decreases overall weight (idgaf because I don't sell anything), but increases the ratio of good stuff to filler.

Space-wise, I have more than some but still not much.

2 flowering spaces holding about 45 plants (depending on pot size), with Kingbrite QB's (820w total) and a far red strip, also a cheap blurple
1 24 hour veg tent with a cheap blurple
1 12/12 tent for seedlings with a Spider Farmer 100w

All with remote temp/humidity sensors, obvs.

All reg seeds get started off under 12/12 until they start showing sex. The females then get topped and put in the 24 hour tent to further veg while the males get taken about 2/3 of the way through flower so I can get a feel for things like stretch, bud structure, yield, terps, etc. The keeper males get revegged in the 24 hour tent until their time to chuck pollen comes, then they go back under 12/12 for pollen collection.

I've few advantages to this. First, it's the fastest way that I've found to determine a plant's sex. Second, if a plant has any herm tendencies, they'll show themselves when initially flowering or revegging. Last, if the plant ends up being a shitty male or runt, the amount of time and effort wasted to keep them alive is minimal.

The biggest challenge that I'm dealing with is not having AC. For the most part I'm far enough north that it's not an issue, but that last heat wave has some plants looking rough. Everything is ventilated with outside air and the smell is neutralized with a carbon filter. The LED's create enough ambient heat that I never need to supplement it.

So yeah, I do a bunch of stuff differently. YMMV.

This is the second flowering tent, on the last day these plants will veg. G13 Hashplant in the back left corner, Bubba Hash is the huge indica in the center, Killer Colombian Lamb is to the far right in the middle. There are a couple of Orient Express, a Lemon Citron that got revegged (back middle), a few Ghanis, and a couple Silverfields. The empty spaces in there will be filled by Ghanis once the pots get here. There's still some obvious signs of heat damage, but they're recovering.


I'm gonna give the younger plants a few more days to bounce back from surviving the heat before showing them off. Right now they kinda look like they tried to steal a dragon's treasure.


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I forgot to mention the two G13 Hazeplants (G13 Haze x G13 Hashplant) next to the G13 Hashplant in the corner, which is technically like their aunt. It was the most terpy and least drowsy of all of the G13 Hashplants that I ran, so I revegged it and voila. She'll get hit with the G13 Hazeplant pollen collected from two males that are revegging now.


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Bouncing back from the heatwave!

The males are in the container on the left. Two breeding Afghanis, the initial flowering of the Silk Road Skunk dudes for keepers and breeders, and Zhe Pinch (Santa Cruz Blue Dream x Zkittlez). On the right are undifferentiated Zhe Pinch, a few more Silk Road Skunk (some hopefully female), The Shoeshiner, and Santa Cruz Blue Dream x ON Haze (recently repotted). On the bottom are Tin Foil Hat, Kali China, and ECSD x Moonshine Haze. In the cups are Black Swamp Gas, Blowfish, and Golden Tiger.

In the bottom cups is Pane Killer Ooze, AKA PKO. Pane (Panama x Nepal) killer because it's great for pain and that it doesn't have a ceiling, glass or otherwise. The first generation was both (Uzbekistan x Nepalma) and (Nepalma x Uzbekistan), blind pheno hunted and the best plants crossed. Half of the second generation (though I guess it's still an F1?) was then grown out and pheno hunted, with the best plants getting crossed. Now both generations just got dropped next to each other. I'm excited to show those genetics off a bit, I think they're some cool plants.


The late veg tent. Bubba Hash in the middle is taking over, the Ghash mother in the back left is a stalwart, and Killer Colombian Lamb (right middle) is getting ready to get flipped. There are two Interstate Dragon (I-95 x Dragon's Stash) in there as well as two G13 Hazeplants, a bunch of Ghanis,


And flower. G13 Hazes, Orient Express, and Haze x Kali China are killing it in the back row. The haggard plant on the right is a Ghani that almost died of dehydration, next to it is (Super Lemon Haze x Moonshine Haze) and a [(MAC x Cherry Wine) x TNF Raspberry Picker)] cross from a friend that's called Framboise. Those are all of the smaller plants around, they didn't stretch essentially at all.


That same Blue Power Mango plant, further out. She's still got a couple weeks to go and she's stacking like crazy. Haze x Kali China next to it, with a very small Blueberry x Amnesia (as are most of the plants nearing finish) in between.


Stay high!


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Chopped a bunch of stuff this week, so things got rearranged.

The left row, top to bottom: 2 Haze x Kali China and 1 Super Lemon Moon. Next row: G13 Haze, Silverfields, Super Lemon Moon. Next row (third in, top to bottom) Orient Express, Pipatxu, G13 Haze. Fourth row: Ghash mama, Ghani (yep, that haze-leaf looking lady in the middle is a Ghani, of the Afghan Mix variety), Valencian Haze. Next is Killer Colombian Lamb, Silverfields, and Bubba Hash. Then three Ghanis and five [(MAC x Cherry Wine) x (Kryptonite x Mello PGSC)] plants that didn't stretch at all, on a milk create out of these pictures.


A G13 Haze and both Haze x Kali Chinas got some G13 Hazeplant pollen earlier this week, joining Pipatxu (Deep Chunk x Maizal Gord). Next up to get hit are Bubba Hash, Ghash, and Killer Colombian Lamb.

Speaking of beans, the next ones I'm dropping are Hazeman's Cocoa Puffs. Chocolate Trip x Chocolate Thai? Fuck yeah.


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Pane Killer Ooze seedlings essentially exploded from their shells. They're a cross of Underground Seed Collective's Uzbekistan and Nepalma and this drop is a mix of the last of the F1 and the first of the F2 seeds. Like I said above, the initial cross for these was both Uzbekistan x Nepalma and Nepalma x Uzbekistan. I mixed the seeds together before dropping so that I wouldn't be biased either way.

Then grew those out and picked the 5 nicest females and hit them with the nicest, latest flowering, most vigorous dudes (Uzbekistan is semi-auto and doesn't clone, I'm trying to breed that out), and then made the first true F2's.

So these are roughly 10 of the initial offspring from the original Uzbekistan and Nepalma mamas and 20 of the F2's, per se. In addition to lady hunting, I'll be looking for dudes to hit to G13 Hazeplant, Original Haze, and others.


Oh, speaking of Original Haze, they got up-potted yesterday and are now in 2 gallon bags. That's them on the far right. The stick next to them is the revegging Supreme Lemon keeper. G13 Hazeplant ladies are in the lower left corner and the middle plant in the row next to it, they're starting to look near ready to flip. I took out that sad Ghani and am giving it another chance to veg properly, but won't be breeding with it because... look at that fucking thing. I've seen prettier feral blackberry plants.



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Just a little update for you all. Been stupid busy, but managed to keep things going. Dropped USC's Turkish, McCormick's Wedding Cake x ON Haze, with Hazeman's Goldfish [Kodiak Gold x (Herijuana x Lambsbread)] joining them today. The PKO in the front pots are looking paler than I'd like, so I hit them with some nutes. The big dude in the back is Afgaan 90, throwing tons of flowers but little to no pollen so far.


Late veg: Clones of the Ghash and Ghaze keepers, as well as a G13 Hazeplant, a bunch of Original Haze, the other Interstate Dragon, the other Orient Express, etc. Also there's the one Silk Road Skunk female I got out of that 12 pack and a Blue Dream x ON Haze.


The other side of flower is pretty gnarly at the moment from heat damage, but it's recovering. This side is looking beautiful. The Haze x Kali Chinas are finishing up, as are the Super Lemon Haze x Moonshine Haze. Loooove the two-topped Silverfields behind the temp/humidity sensor and the Bubba Hash in the front, second from left.


Put together a foliar that some of you might be interested in. 900mL water, 100mL vegetable glycerine, and 1g Xanthan gum. Can be used on bugs all the way to chop and, as you see, leaves a nice residue on the leaves to discourage future munching.

I also added glycerin and xanthan to the epsom/sulfur and the neem/tea tree oil foliars.


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That fucking Afgaan 90 dude is definitely sterile. Flowers everywhere, but no pollen. I've got a nice Kandahar Black dude and an Afghan Mix dude that I'll use to make the next round of Ghanis but I'm massively annoyed that I can't preserve the line.

Dropped Green Rebel's Sour Soda today. Next to go down is my Col'Jam x '88G13 Hashplant.

The seedling tent. In here are Blue Dream x ON Haze, Tin Foil Hat, Black Swamp Gas, Golden Tiger, Zhe Pinch, Wedding Cake x ON Haze, Blowfish, Goldfish, Cocoa Puffs, and my Diesel Ghash [(ECSD x Moonshine Haze) x '88Ghash] and PKO. PKO's are in the red cups still, begging to be let out.


The late veg tent. Two more Ghani ladies in here, a Haze cross from a friend in Spain, an Orange Gasm, an Orient Express, my Ghash and Ghaze cuts, a Ghazeplant, Blue Power Mango up on the right revegging, and the last of the Silverfields, a runt that I'll probably kill (top middle).


Flipped 3 Original Hazes along with an Interstate Dragon. The super heat damaged plants to the right are Framboise, a cross from a friend on Vancouver Island. They didn't stretch as much as I thought they would, so between that and the heat they've had a bit of a hard time. The genetics on this one are (TNF Raspberry Picker) x (MAC x Cherry Wine CBD), so there's definitely potential for great stuff there. One of them, if it can reveg, will get crossed with the awesome looking Haze dude in the small tent.


The nicer side of flower. Bubba Hash to the left in the front, Haze x Kali Chinas behind it to the wall on the left, G13 Hazes in the back to the big HxKC's right, a couple very nice Silverfields ladies around them, and Ghash starting to bud there on the right.


The taller Haze x Kali China is going to be all kinds of frosty by the time it's done. That might be in 2025 though.


The Xanthan/glycerin foliar spray seems to be working.


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Thanks, good look!

One of the benefits to starting regs under 12/12 is if they're going to herm, they'll usually do it in the initial flowering or right after when they reveg. Most of the time it's a smooth transition, but a few times I've had legit herms appear. It's a lot less painful to kill a 5 week old plant than a 3 month old one.


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Thanks, good look!
One of the benefits to starting regs under 12/12 is if they're going to herm, they'll usually do it in the initial flowering or right after when they reveg. Most of the time it's a smooth transition, but a few times I've had legit herms appear. It's a lot less painful to kill a 5 week old plant than a 3 month old one.
They were early at onset if I recall correctly.

The ones that gave me trouble were the key lime pie x on haze


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Blurple-less once again!

This is the 24 hour tent, where I keep males, reveg ladies (Blueberry Amnesia in the back, Super Lemon Haze x Moonshine Haze in front), start fem seedlings, keep rooted clones, etc. The dudes are in the back container. Super Lemon Moon, G13 Hazeplant, Zhe Pinch, and Silk Road Skunk.

Clones are Haze x Kali China, Orient Express, G13 Hazeplant, Bubba Hash, and Silverfields. There are also a few Kali China plants from seed that are putting on mass for the upcoming flower.



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Busy week!

A few days ago I hit the Afgaan/Afghan ladies with pollen from the best Afghan dude, which actually ended up being from the Afghan Mix. Next time I feel like doing a Ghani pheno hunt, I'll be busting out these seeds.

These are the two Afgaan 90 ladies.


Also, I hit this beautiful quick-flowering Haze dude...


To G13 Hashplant, G13 Haze, G13 Hazeplant, Bubba Hash (below), Interstate Dragon, and a Haze lady.


and this is the Ghash. There's a reason I held on to this cut. :D


I've also got a few Tin Foil Hat males that I'm gonna make duke it out for the prize of pollenating some fun stuff like Interstate Dragon, Haze, Silverfields, Wedding Cake x ON Haze...


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This was a big pollen chucking week.

In addition to pollinating the best lady Ghanis with the best remaining male for the next round of Ghanis, the Haze dude started throwing pollen like crazy. So he got crossed to:

G13 Hashplant
G13 Haze
G13 Hazeplant
Bubba Hash
Interstate Dragon

I'm going to collect more pollen from him and then trim and reveg him. By the end of the week I should have enough pollen to last the rest of the year, but I want the ability to make more.

Next drop is going to be Pipatxu (Maizal Gord x Deep Chunk) x G13 Hazeplant.


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Chucked with some Tin Foil Hat [(Rugburn OG x Magnum Opus) x Pink Kush] pollen today. Took the second and third-flowering dudes (out of four) and mixed their pollen for this round.

Hit it to Haze, G13 Hazeplant, and Killer Colombian Lamb [(Colombian Gold x Jamaican Lambsbread) x (G13 x C99)]. Might hit it to a few other things like Silverfields, Orient Express, and Interstate Dragon before picking the dude to keep.

Blowfish is next to throw pollen, I'm surprised that I'll be able to cross it to G13 Hashplant before it gets chopped. There are also a couple Blue Dream x ON Haze dudes in there, but I'm still debating the targets for that pollen besides F2's of that line.
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