Neville's Haze Preservation


Way cool @SSGrower , an old strain to work. What are your plans for your run? What does the 12/12 regime accomplish?
Im working out that myself for mine.
Given the long flowering time, I am hopefull it will make the grow more managable. The objective being to make seeds I don't need huge plants to do that. The plants will veg at 12/12 until they hit sexual maturaty. This should allow for time to assess which will be taller, bushier, branchier etc. while keeping them as small as possible. Not looking to do selection here but its posible this could be an indicator of early finisher as it seems the first to show are often the first to finish.

When I have run 12/12 in the past I try to run the lights a little harder idk if that makes any difference with dli or whatnot.
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