What up Its the one the only LittleDabbie!


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Welcome to Phenohunter @LittleDabbie



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So many exiles!! lol And for real that mfer totally up in peoples DM.. what kinda fucked up shit is that.

welcome home @LittleDabbie... I too have been exiled from the land of hateful little men... and it was a gift.... Havent looked back since.

Just feel the need to say it...
Not a single one of the mods no matter the level have the ability to view PM's here... and never will.


Extract Artist (BHO)
you will like it here.. they are Good Guys.. you all ready know a lot of them......

I said I wasn't going to come say hi but May # is still here so Enjoy and Don't Look Back Bro.....

Couldn't be bothered to look back, I just hope more of them like Missippi hippie come here hes a good dood too.

But thanks again even if you choose to not stick around or can't I appreciate all you've done for me and community whats left of it anyway.

Good luck capt and if u ever need me hollah im always around :D
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