What's for dinner tonight?

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That looks like butter with muscles lol. For dinner to night Lao style sausage, steamed glutinous rice aka sticky rice and some stirfried veg. View attachment 56634View attachment 56635i will post an update with plate shot when finished, If i can remember.
Does indeed, doesn´t it.. haha.. Lao style?? Steamed too or what? Laotian spices..? Goes googling now..


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The sausage is seasoned with lemongrass, garlic, cilantro and chilis. Big squares of snow white fat. Baked, pan fried, or grilled; simply magical. I get mine at a lao/thai market an hour from my house. I buy bulk lol
That sounds magical... there's a big Laotian and Cambodian community near me and I know there's some good markets there, I think I need to go for an adventure soon


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Kids wanted bacon and eggs for dinner tonight so I obliged.... the little guy wanted to try a duck egg even

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Meanwhile I indulged my inner fat kid and deep fried scrambled duck eggs and green onions in the bacon fat...

Might have to go for a walk now....
Bacon 400F 20 min ftw

While I'm at it french toast.

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There's a whipping ball in that smoothie thingie that makes a mean whipped cream.
3 eggs
1T+ Vanilla
2/3ish cups cream

Bottom glaze
2-3T butter
3+T Brown sugar
Melt, simmer, whip

Soak bread in one pan pour bottom glaze in another.

Right now I am waiting for it to soak in, so I guess another batch of bacon is in order.


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I'll eat fried chicken any and every meal. No shame here!

I just got my deep fryer all cleaned up after probably a year of sitting outside by the bbq. That was a fn mission to clean, never again will I neglect it that long, the residue left behind was worse than tree sap lol. I usually get on a good deep fried kick all summer & cook outside as much as possible to help keep the house cool. Cold sandwiches with fresh hot fries is a summer go to for me.


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So I can't remember where I got the recipe from but there's this old Mexican dish where you brown fresh chorizo over low heat to render all the fat out, then you add onions and par boiled potatoes and basically fry them in the chorizo fat. Kind of like a hash. I make it all the time and put a fried egg on it, but tonight I amped it up a bit with some grilled chicken, black beans, jack and cheddar cheeses, fresh tomatoes, red onion and cilantro. I ate about half this pan.... 20210509_201600.jpg
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