Genetic preservation, f2 or s1?


In Bloom
What are your opinions on the subject? If you were going to make seeds in case of the event you ever loose a beloved cut what method would you pick?

I've been thinking I should probably have a back up plan in the event I lose my deputy that I love. I have a few beans left of it and I'm debating on whether or not I hope for a decent male (little bit more girth on the branches would be welcome lol), or if I should reverse it and make s1's.

Not planning on doing it for a while, but thought I would get some discussion on the topic.


F2 all the way for me. You get better genetic expression and diversity. Some real gems have been found in F2s. If you are looking no further than to preserve what you have then s1 it is. With f2s I’d be looking to find a pheno as good or better than the parents, with selfed you‘re just praying for something as good as the parent.

While you’re at it save and chuck some pollen and make your own crosses. You never know when the next elite will be born.
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