Growing anything other than weed?


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Anybody saving seeds?

I'm keeping some watermelon, little leaf cuke, yellow wax beans, principe tomato's (from one amazing plant...still going and it's huge) Lettuce seeds of various flavors and jalapenos.

Spread out all my planter dirt that I could and seeded with crimson clove...which is up!
Planted hairy vetch in the sweet potato beds............and that's up!
Both these make cool flowers and the crimson clover is nice enough to put in a vase.
Tomato beds that are finished got planted with beans......followed by crimson clover 2 weeks later....all up.
All beans are sacrificial at this time, they'll winter kill before making beans, die and act as a mulch for the clover. All worm food come spring. Still got a bunch or tomatoes out there but anything that comes in at this point is gravy...literally! ;)

Gots to take care of dat dirt! :)


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I use a somewhat sandy/loamy mix normally, this year I mixed in a little more organics into it, they seemed to grow well! Was about 1/2 sand/loam, other half rich compost. Keeping it well drained is important. Slightly acidic I like a pH around 6.
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