Gweedo goes outside ???

Just getting this up and started for my outdoor attempt this year, so far only have 2 cindy99s selected, and more than likely gonna be some Schwaggy and csi Humboldt gear along side them, containers will be 10 gal ish, gonna diy some up with some carpet, I hate to waste shit lol medium is gonna be promix, amended with some perlite, and a few other things I've picked up, not going water only but somewhere in between, will be feeding with Jack's on a regular basis as well, I'll be starting on the soil and pots today, be back with an update soon ???
Made some decent progress Friday, got 50 gallons of soil mixed up and simmering in trashcans ended up going
50% pro mix up
30% happy frog soil conditioner
20% large perlite
I also added about a half a gallon of ancient forest ewc in for every 10 gals, that was all I had left
I then added some happy frog all purpose organic fertilizer and the recommended dose, then mixed and wetted it down with full strength great white in some de chlorinated water, then it went into the trashcans, hoping I'll get a tiny jumpstart on the amendments in the fertilizer with some hardcore Bennie action, please chime in if I fucked up or not, I had a strict budget lol it's gonna be in the cans for at least 3 weeks before I use it 20200326_132226.jpg Screenshot_20200329-132014.png
And the candidates selected are popped and went in rockwool and the dome this morning
2 Cindy 99s
1 Franco lemon cheese fem
And 3csi humboldt dysfunction junctions
Screenshot_20200329-132938.png Screenshot_20200329-132929.png 20200328_123611.jpg 20200329_120937.jpg
Well finally an update incoming 2 months later, I ended up using all that soil I made for a quick veggie garden lol but I've re upped and mixed again 2 bales of pro mix hp 1 giant bag of dicalite perlite(pretty fine) happy frog soil conditioner and happy frog dry amendment added at the recommended dosage per gal of soil, it's mixed at 60 hp 20 soil conditioner and 20 added perlite, 1 and 1/2 cups of the dry fertilizer per 10 gals of final mix, I then wet it down with phd water and great white at the max dose then it cooked in my trashcans for 3 weeks 20200529_111736.jpg 20200520_184354.jpg 20200419_132109.jpg

And the candidates are looking pitiful, planned on having them out 2 weeks ago but we've been getting constant rain till this week, so they been out since yesterday under a screen adjusting to our brutal noon day sun should have em transplanted by tomorrow for sure, they're in 32 oz foam solos and have been living on f&d nutes and PhD water, but they are unhappy off pH in the soil is my guess, should be good once transplanted 2 days ago

And the green "smart pots" are just green felt from hobby lobby, it was like 9 dollars for a square yard of it and it made 5 13 gal pots, took about an hour to make em once I made friends with my g mas singer ??? next batch is gonna be blue with handles, hopefully they last a little while ???
20200529_111725.jpg 20200529_111736.jpg

This is gonna be my first real attemt at an outdoor organic grow and I'm not gonna lie it's intimidating, no experience in dirt and our native insects and weather are gonna be fun, and warding off pm in the swamp forest where I live lol gonna run silica in my waterings and do my best to have Bennie's out the ass, may water with BT bits as well not sure yet but moths are everywhere right now, need my Midwest
sun growmies to throw me some bones ???
I want to follow this as I’m curious of your mix as well. I have a few outside that I just dug holes in the ground, filled with composted manure and some Ocean Forest and put the plants directly in the ground. They are slow to adjusting, so I hope all goes well, but I have noticed some new growth in the last few days!
On a side note, I’m a little jealous of your screen name. Gweedo (spelled the same way!) has been my nickname for the last 15 years! Lol.
Well dam forgot about this thread again ??? fuckin stoners i swear. So ill start at putting all my ladies out on june 1st, transplanted from solos straight into my 13 gals, they were rootbound and pissed off lol. The garden supervisor is my homie rufus. 20200601_110235.jpg 20200601_110219.jpg

June 4 th still alive after transplant
Back for a quickie, the plant that was ravaged by my k9 amigos tried to come back then the sun came out hard ????. The four remaining are lucky id say no more attempted murders, ceyenne pepper in excess all over the area lol the c99 is looking horrid despite the same treatment as the other ladies, the 2 dysfunction junctions are getting some nice fat nugs and colas, enter the rain lol hopefully no bud rot, they are totally unsheltered so is what it is ??
The francos lemon cheese has stolen the show its big for the size bag its in bushed out all on its own, reeks of lemons and didnt start budding till we actually hit 12 12 if it doesnt frost hard itll be awesome again ?? ill get pics up later its sayin mine are too big
WEEK ???
this girl turned out to be a straight up monster in her 13 gal bag, started setting flowers about a week before we hit actual 12 12 outside, so she vegged for about a month longer than the DFJs smells like lemon heads and pinesol to me, praying the weather holds long enough for her to finish, she has seemed to enjoy our okie freakshow we call weather lol no real training and one small defol about a month back turned into a fucking Bush, that brown beast is responsible for all the soil everywhere he digs in that FLC pot every day, must like the bloom ferts ??? 20200916_110956.jpg
DFJs on the left Lemon Cheese is the big gal 20200916_111432.jpg 20200916_111522.jpg 20200916_111507.jpg 20200916_111500.jpg 20200916_111338_001.jpg 20200916_111024.jpg 20200916_111010.jpg
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