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In the right mood I enjoy Blues, but generally only for a while. I find the limitations of the basic structure of the genre monotonous at times, regardless of any virtuoso musicianship.
I'm usually over amped and I find it soothing. Music 🎶 definitely changes and amplifies my moods lol. But the jazz and big band I'm usually listening for the sax or heavy brass sections.


bad mother chucker
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Mankind is divided into enemies and friend
Locked in a struggle till we reach a common end
We daily court disaster and the headlines clearly show
That the key to our survival is to learn to share the road

Fellow travelers we are
Fellow travelers, we must roll up our sleeves and tear the walls of hatred down
It's our urgent labor to inform our neighbors
We are fellow travelers and we walk on common ground



Tilts at Tables
Today is record store day!
I pulled the HDMI
We gonna party like 1999 !
Spinning all day.
View attachment 20240420_130959.mp4

All the way from where we came
Built a mansion in a day
Distant lightning, thunder claps
Watched our neighbor's house collapse
Looked the other way

But then the storm returned for more
In a comedown of revolving doors
Auctioned off our memories
In the absence of a breeze
Scatter what remains


Tilts at Tables

20 years after this happened my dad is explaining this to a 10-year-old me.

I had never seen the photograph.
Until they invented the internet's, all that I had was his explanation, and this vinyl album.



pHeno pHisher
And let's follow that up with some good ol' Canadian hardcore. :)

Not bad
It would belong in my get to work quick highway music .
I have this habit of driving a little faster when the music reaches my feet . Some parts of me will never grow up .
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