Seed Fundraiser to Sell and Buy a Light - pHenohunters project

Amos Otis

Just a few days ago, our resident weed sensei and all around awesome cat @HydroRed tried to sell his LED lights with no takers. It turns out that another of our cool members, @Brokehoe could really use one of the lights, but current funds are unavailable. Times are tight for so many, and most of us have been there if not there now.

Let's resolve this for both parties.

I contacted HR to let him know I had another fundraiser in mind that would solve this for both parties, and being the 'salt of the earth' as @thenotsoesoteric labeled him, he proposed seed pack donations instead of money. In his own words:
"I dont expect top gear. I figure everyone has at least one pack of beans or freebie pack that just sits in their vault that they know they will never run. Thats what Im after. I donate packs to folks who cant afford em. "

All together now: "Wow."

I figure a dozen contributors should get it done, and I'll leave it to Red to moderate from here. But I will start the donations with some "top gear" - a pack of Freak Genetics Gorilla Hammer [bought for the freebies and to support our good friend @Frimpong] and a pack of Dragon Fighter from Great Lake Genetics. Let's do this.


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Have 4 unopened packs of GPS..

Tomahawk - GG4 x Stardawg
Tres Sister x Polar Bear OG - (Chem Sis/Tres Dawg) x (OG#17 x (Hells Angel OG/Biker Kush) x The White/Triple Kush)
Glass Slipper x Copper Chem - Krome’s White/Cinderella 99 x (Chem 4 x Chem 4/Chem D bx2)
Lemon Fizz x Polar Bear OG - Kak’s Cut (Super Lemon Haze x Abusive Kush/Sour Diesel) x The White/Triple Kush

Take any or all...

Just writing what it says on the packs, no clue what they are, they are old packs though.

edit: If the user prefers they can bypass the GPS packs for a pack of Jordan of the Islands I have. Brand new, God’s Green Crack, 16 reg beans. JOTI does not seal packs though so it is “open”. I have never opened it though as its got a clear front so I can just count the beans.. edit2: I’m stupid, its God’s Green Crush, God’s Green Crack x Blue Crush from their new line.
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Quick summary:
Donate your unopened pack(s) (freebies/testers/packs you wont ever get to/etc) and when I get a nice stash of packs to pay forward I will mail this 200W LED light to our friend @Brokehoe free of charge on my dime.

I guess logistically it would make the most sense to donate directly to where it is going. Post what you have to donate in here and I will reach out by private message for my shipping info.

***Largest donation will receive a special grab bag of cool stuff including choice of either a 3Thirteen Seeds rolling tray or a rolling tray along with some slaps, a beer coozy, and a bunch of other cool swag.***


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iam slow & don't get it

but I got some pks for peeps that need help
Took me a minute as well lol. We're sending Red some unwanted packs to pay for this light for @Brokehoe who needs it but doesn't have the scratch.

I definitely have a few things I can send your way @HydroRed, I'll DM you in a bit when I get a chance to check out the stash.


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